jueves, 4 de septiembre de 2014

24 Babies Who Are So Happy, They're Smiling In Their Sleep

Infants sleep an average of 16 hours per day, and still need about 14 hours by the time they're 9 months. Though parents are told to get some rest during all of this time, new moms and dads have their priorities straight. They clearly know that the most important thing to do while the baby sleeps is take a few photos. When we asked the HuffPost Parents Facebook community to share a favorite picture of their baby sleeping, we received thousands of adorable submissions.

We just wish we knew what all of these scrumptious snoozers were dreaming about!

Fuente: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/08/15/sleeping-smiling-babies_n_5682790.html

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