miércoles, 2 de julio de 2014

Kim Gordon And Arcade Fire Are In A Short Film Together, Commence Collective Squee

It's true, the noise rock woman of your dreams and members of that Canadian indie sextet that made disco cool again are in a short film together. It is, as one might expect, deliriously creepy and gorgeous.

With equal bits Dali and Dada, the short film by Marcel Dzama, titled "Une Danse Des Bouffons (The Jester's Dance)," premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year. Kim Gordon stars in it, while Arcade Fire's Will Butler, Jeremy Gara, and Tim Kingsbury helped score the black-and-white bit of silent cinema.

Fuente: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/27/une-danse-des-bouffons_n_5538612.html

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